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Exhibition ‘In the pause of a gesture there might be an echo’

With works by Sarah van Lamsweerde, Aram Lee, Anastasija Pandilovska and Richtje Reinsma; curated by Suns and Stars (Marjoca de Greef and Anastasija Pandilovska) 

Opening Friday 10th of June 7-10 pm in Arti et Amicitiae
Opening times: June 11 - 25, Tuesday-Sunday, 12-6 pm

Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam

‘Vragen?’ (‘Questions?’, Dutch spoken) is a long-term artistic research project by Richtje Reinsma. Firstly, she explored the phenomenon of the question by analysing what kind of intonation, mimicry, and posture are involved in the practice of asking a question. Thereupon, investigating the question as an instrument in various contexts, such as everyday verbal socialising practices, education, public speaking, politics, arts, and journalism, she regarded the pros and cons of questioning as a general attitude to life. This resulted in an experimental performative monologue consisting of two statements and ninety-six questions, ending with a Q&A with the audience.

In the concluding scent and sound installation of ‘Vragen?’ #2 (‘Questions? #2’), Richtje Reinsma further tries to get hold of ways of asking by approaching the question vocally, sonically and chemically. The first part of the exploration of the question was conducted in a research costume specially designed for this quest by Janneke Raaphorst, with make-up design by Luciënne Venner, voice direction by Jair Stein, and facial expression and posture coaching by Reineke Jonker. For the second part, question-answer odours were created in collaboration with scent designer Frank Bloem. The sound design was developed by sound artist Nathalie Bruys.

Image above: question- and answer scents in development in the laboratory of scent artist Frank Bloem.