Ned / Eng

Room (By Basje Boer)

I want to invite you into my room. It's barely a room. It's barely

four walls,

two windows,

a view.

I used to dream about a house with no color. I scared myself thinking about far away cities and bleak rooms overlooking the river. Rooms where there was no heating and the one, sad curtain in front of the window shivered in the draft.

I was alone and

anything could happen. Choose a life.

Broad streets where a constant and medium paced stream of cars would pass by. Shops, peep show theatres,


a movie theatre. A man handing out pamphlets. I have no place to go.

This is not my city.

This is not my country.

This is not my room.

This is not my home.

This is not my era.

It's exciting having nothing.

Invite me into your room. Let's go into one of those bars. Let's play a song on the jukebox. I'll lose you in the crowd. I'll have another drink. I'll go see a movie, the ticket's cheap and the poster looks kind of okay. Red carpet on the floor. The toilet's got a strange lock on it.

Invite me into your room. I choose this life. Let's meet for drinks in the hotel lounge. Let's go to a club after. I'll lose you in the crowd. My wallet gets stolen. There's always the possibility of having less. I'm just gonna take a taxi home, I like looking at the city lights from the car.

I want to invite you into my room but this fantasy won't be perfect unless I come home alone. Stay up all night because characters never sleep, ever.

Stay away from the window. It's no good unless I have nothing.